26 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba

Beartooth – Aggressive Şarkı Sözleri

I might be in too much debt with the hell in my head
I’m way too aggressive
The nervous ticks, the twitch in my neck
I’ll never suppress it
How’s the view up on your throne today?
Are you ruling with an iron fist?
Rejoice in your sickness
Mental diseases
Twisted philanthropist
Will you bite your tongue?
Will you force your drugs?
Will you still be here?
Chew us up, spit us out
You know what you’re breeding
Lost aggressive youth
Push us back, hold us down
What were you expecting?
Lost aggressive youth
We are the faces lost in the crowd
We may be down but we’ll never be out
You will hear our sound
You know what you’re breeding
Lost aggressive youth
Are you feeling any agony?
Has the power made you start to trip?
You keep on feeding
We’ll keep on biting the hands of the arrogant
Does it strike a nerve?
If my voice is heard
You’ve lost all control of me
It’s time to find the edge
Time to seek revenge
I don’t have any sympathy
Now we’re lashing out
Now you start to doubt
Take a look at your reality
We’re the living proof
We’re the harshest truth
All thanks to you
We’re the aggressive youth
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