26 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba

Florena – Behind The Shadows Şarkı Sözleri

It feels like I’ve been gone for so long,
I’ll burry the past and darkest side.
It takes a thousand blows and so more,
To drive a nail into the dark.
The memories that we had together,
They ran all away, ran away, away.
What we felt for one another,
It ran all away, ran away, away.
Uhh…you just take my breath away
So cold…you are my November rain
I promise I will find my way
It feels like I’m hunted by his shadow
Like a fire burning in the rain
I find it hard for me to follow
A crowded road so full of pain
Written by Gabriel Huiban, Laurentiu Duta
Lyrics by Gabriel Huiban, Adam Powers, Julie Wolf
Mixing: Gabriel Huiban
Mastering: Laurentiu Duta
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