26 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba

Woodhaven Annihilasyonizm Şarkı Sözleri

Woodhaven Annihilasyonizm Sözleri
The moon portrays a shadow
A great monstrosity
They slither cohesively
As serpents sent to retrieve
The king of death whom they would
So gratefully bleed
So they could feed their souls
For all eternity
The castle walls come into clarity
Standing as mountains surrounded by burning trees
The king is standing fearlessly
Casting lesser men of the immortal God
They slow to a crawl as they see their enemy
And walk among the chattering demons
A scrutiny of each lifeless entity
Fear Death
It has come
No Deliverance
No Salvation
Fear Death for it has come
No Deliverance No Salvation
Fear Death for it has come
No Deliverance No Salvation
The demons hoods fall back
To reveal hundreds of rotting skeletons
Laced with half melted skin
Decaying portrayal of mortal sin
Suddenly the army has froze
Paralyzed by something they cannot transpose
The skulls of the wretched now aglow
The army ignites in an incandescent blaze
This divine kingdom will burn
Its soldiers will reduce to dust
In time their King will join them
In an abysmal agony
Angel of darkness
In the tomb of despair
Awaits the final offering
Of the crucified king
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